Thursday, May 28, 2015

baby Starling and Robin

Coots assembling to moult, birds fledging, it almost summer / autumn!

first goatsucker foray

so cold they started singing at 21:40 and all was quiet by 22:14 -- must be difficult finding moths to eat in this spring's weather

Thursday, May 21, 2015

a yellow blob

not even in the could this be a record shot category -- but a male that showed well through the heat haze and in a scope -- Gib Point 16th 

Citrine Wagtails

one species I really wanted to catch up with was Citrine Wagtail; having only ever seen one in Britain in 1983, yes should have gone for others, and not having seen one anywhere since the early 90's needed to reacquaint with calls and also nice to hear males singing - not as distinctive as I expected and certainly not as obvious as the call -- a few different birds here -notable variations in crown and nape patterns of males, possibly age related? not looked it up yet ---  a shame that the best day for the birds was one of the worst for wind so they were not perching up -- so another trip over and a place to revisit -- roll on Alberta --