Friday, April 29, 2005

the best of the bunch on the Sedge Warbler display flight shots Posted by Hello

plenty of room for improvement when we get some more sunshine Posted by Hello

getting the camera to autofocus quick enough was the main problem with a 80% failure rate! Posted by Hello

some birds stay in the air longer than others but movement is rapid to say the least! Posted by Hello

although some nice perched shots were on offer it was the display flights I was after Posted by Hello

the main arrival of the day appeared to involve Sedge Warblers with 30+ counted Posted by Hello

amazingly the first Mallard broods were appearing en masse Posted by Hello

really poor record shot of a nice male Whinchat on the local patch this morning with a Wheatear--very rare now in spring around Barton Posted by Hello

plenty of Swifts around in the last two days with birds already back at breeding sites--- Posted by Hello

started the day having a go at a few Swifts which were feeding low over the pits but as usual light levels were on th elow side for a fast moving apus Posted by Hello

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Swallow Worlaby Carrs---resting in the cool of the morning an a scenic pipe! Posted by Hello

Sand Martin over the waves--- Posted by Hello

Swallow---Swallows were harder to follow than Sand Martins as the latter seemed to follow a more obvious feeding routine Posted by Hello

Sand Martin Posted by Hello

tried some more hirundine in flight shots as the birds were feeding low over the water in windy and cool conditions --really tested the autofocus on the 20D--Sand Martin Posted by Hello

baby lags in a fresh wind on Waters' Edge Posted by Hello

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

bird of the day Posted by Hello

male Redstart Worlaby--a very scarce local migrant Posted by Hello

male Redstart Woilaby Carrs--a male Northenr Wheatear and a Jack Snipe were also present with a flock of 100 Golden Plover still around Posted by Hello

bird of the day was this singing male Redstart in the unlikely location of Worlaby Carrs but it was frustratingly skittish not even allowing a close approach by car Posted by Hello

female Pied Wagtail Worlaby--rather more obliging than the skittish Redstart  Posted by Hello

Common Tern dip feeding Waters' Edge Posted by Hello

just about caught the Common Terns dipping today but some atmospheric distortion affected the pics Posted by Hello

the new tern raft at Waters' Edge complete with a passage White Wagtail just to the right of the green house Posted by Hello

the WEdge Kestrel first-summer male Posted by Hello