Sunday, September 30, 2018

juvenile Short-billed Dowitcher

Only came across a couple of juvenile Short-billed at George Reifel in the heavy rain and neither were close - in contrast I saw about 1000 Long-billed but I would not rule out having missed some adults though all the calls I heard were Long-billed and all the juvs seen were were also LBD -- this is presumably a Pacific SBD rather than a Prairie bird

Purple Martins

was surprised to see this family of Purple Martins still in residence in the new condos at Campbell River Spit but then two day slater they had gone -- migration in action

Canada Geese

I guess I should look more closely at these - had some flocks of Aleutian Geese fly by in 2016 but this year they all seemed to be resident Dusky Canadas -- I prefer waders!

three sparrows; Golden-crowned, Lincoln's and Song

Lincoln's Sparrow is one of those subtle but very attractive sparrows but they are a bit skulky and always seem to place something between them and the camera; the Song Sparrows of the Pacific North-west are very dark and dingy looking birds --

a few more sea/landscapes

 Campbell River at night

Grey / Black-bellied Plovers

even over there bright juvs were being identified as American Goldies -- yes they are common in Britain but I can never get anywhere near one on the Lincs coast here I just sat down and they flew in and landed next to me then walked closer --