Tuesday, August 27, 2019

male mixta

still amazing beasts -- only recorded my first Migrant Hawker locally in 1989 --up to six over the garden this week and saw 100+ in one ride at Chambers plus 200+ in another Lincs woodland --


Once a notable local bird they have become something of a throw away bird in recent years -- 15 yesterday but only 11 today -- and I take far too many images of them and then do a lot of deleting --

Curlew and Snipe

Monday, August 26, 2019

Western Willow Emeralds reach Alkborough Flats

first found by ND yesterday at least 10 today including three mating pairs -- must be more on the Humber bank -- heading north rapidly

Juvy Willow Warbler

Greenish may be rarer but juvenile Willow Warblers are so attractive and its been a great week for them locally after a lacklustre spring

Reed Warbler studies

for thise of us still searching for out=r first county Blyth's Reed a full study of the many appearances of autumn Reed Warblers is always a good precursor to the coastal search -- all the same bird here

Friday, August 23, 2019

muddy Dotterel

been hoping for a photogenic Dotterel in autumn for many years and never had one -- ditto this one strangely has the habit of feeding on the beautiful Humber inter-tidal mudflats instead of some nice beach