Saturday, December 31, 2005

last of the year

last post of 2005 so it is something nice and common a female House Sparrow


a nice winter flock of Corn Buntings at Worlaby with a minimum of 96 birds present this morning and more on the Wolds


there were at least 200 Yellowhammers at Worlaby this morning a fine sight

Thursday, December 29, 2005

missed bully

forgot this one in the last post

bully and berries

there were three Bullfinches guzzling the guelder rose berries on Waters' edge including this fine male----

frosty birds again

superb hoar frost and some nice close birds BUT persistent fog foiled the really impressive photos!---Siskin and Goldfinch on Waters' Edge alders

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


too late in the day I came across this party of Bearded Tits in the foreshore beds--the light was going fast but the birds were very close feeding on reed seed

snow birds mix

a few oddments from the snow---Common Gull in a snow flurry, Gadwall and Bittern

willow tit

three Willow Tits on Waters' edge today

Tree spugs

a flock of 20 or so Tree Sparrows at Waters' edge a little more co-operative than usual

hen and coot

Moorhen in the snowy bushes and Coot in the ice


Robin in the snow---the sun was limited in appearance unfortunately so many dull images


this male Sparv caught the reflected light from the snow--must be easy to get god raptor shots in snowy countries

veg and snow

some scenic snow covered vegetation

blackbirds and snow

blackbirds and snow

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

estuary art

a couple of shots of the Humber mudflats and another image of a passing snow shower


an exceptional day for weather--on the Humber there was little or no snow but clouds and showers passed frequently--I tried to capture some of the cloud formations and the passing snow showers over the decidedly murky waters of the estuary---a party of three Little Gulls was the only obvious source of avian inspiration