Tuesday, November 29, 2005

first of the latest invasion?

14 Waxwings at Pywipe risking death on the traffic mad highway edges

500 Waxwing shots later

and still struggling to get a decent flight shot!--the habitat does not help at Pywipe but the birds are obliging enough


the difference between sun and cloud cover

Waxwing overload

first the light was poor when the birds were very close and then the sun was up but the birds were covered by twigs and then the sun was going down--what we need is some snow for reflection
--some querky shots here

Saturday, November 26, 2005


the Slavonian Grebe still present on Hotel pit at Barton and providing excellent views this morning in some nice light between showers--get that eye colour


a notable influx of Fieldfare over recent days has swelled the numbers cleaning up the remaining hawhtorn berries around the local pits
--also posted here a Cormorant courtesy of Ben Bradshaw and his angling buddies with half a wing remaining and a fine male Blackbird


a visit to Messingham revealed the fine sight of 12 Long-eared Owls at their day roost--seven were perched in the relative open showing well in a scope but rather distamt for photography

Sunday, November 20, 2005

local birds

herewith the Slavonian Grebe on Hotel pit at Barton 19.11 and one of the two Twite on the Humber bank near Far Ings 20.11---the latter would have been in better light had they not been flushed for 10 mins by a dog walker throwing a branch over them as I photographed the birds---verbal restraint was excercised but only just!

Friday, November 18, 2005


this Snow Bunting at Covenham performed well for a few seconds then prompty flew up and disappeared in the direction of Donna Nook!

Purfect Purp

this very confiding Purple Sandpiper at Covenham was not only beautifully lit by the sun but the background water even looked a nice deep blue--it had adopted a small hole in the concrete bank where it was sleeping---it only flew for about 5 seconds so getting a flight shot was a real bit of luck

Long-tailed Duck

the Covenham Long-tailed Duck was typically fligthy today but at one stage proved to be quite co-operative--the transgressions of a single boat into the wildfowl sanctuary area flushed the bird on a regular basis

not more phals

the amazing light and the contrast of the white bird and blackish water made today's Grey Phal pics different