Thursday, May 26, 2011

back on the patch

somewhat more mundane than last week and after a week of the 300 2.8 lifting the 500 quickly showed me why I need a new shoulder and back

Swifts, Common Tern and one of the the local 2cy Little Gulls chasing a Lesser Black-back in one shot oh and Avocets

Hungary May 2011

a 9 day break in eastern ~Hungary produced the usual list of very nice birds with exceptional encounters with many memorable species in addition to lots of dragonflies and butterflies and amphibians -- the accommodation and 3 days guiding were arranged through SakerTours thanks to János Oláh and our guides for the smooth arrangements and a splendid trip --


amazingly I had never really looked closely enough at Beeeaters to realise that there are clear plumage differences between males and females with the latter having more green in the upperparts -- digital cameras cannot be all bad!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Red-footed Falcons

one of the great bird spectacles and one of my main reasons for choosing Hungary -- what a great little raptor