Sunday, November 29, 2009

not so Common Loon

in the 40 years I have been watching the local pits I have seen just 8 Great Northern Divers but the latest was in Feb and April this year so it was a good job that someone was out birding this morning (my excuse I was editing the 2008 Lincs Bird Report) so after a quick phone call I managed to get a few shots of this juv before it decided that the pits were not the place for it and it flew off in advance of a heavy rain  and hail storm --also on the patch on the Humber today 15+ C Scoter, 2 Scaup, Bonxie west (ND) adult Med Gull Chowder and a Peregrine on the bridge tower this evening so a decent haul in the rather less than pleasant weather

local Whoopers

a family party of 2 adult and 3 juv Whoopers on the patch mid morning and then as the heavens opened again a flock of 16 came from the west and went east over the Humber bridge

Thursday, November 26, 2009


the Teal flock flushed by one dog and one owner at least the waders were flushed by a Peregrine


I watch them and count them so often you get to love them eventually! a good percentage of the wintering colour ringed birds seen again today

Green-winged Teal moult

this drake still looks virtually the same as it did 3 weeks ago with several brown upper flank feathers whereas 95% of the drake Eurasian Teal present have moulted into full plumage over the same time period which seems somewhat odd?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dark-bellied x Pale-bellied Brent Geese ?

While looking for the Black Brant today (failed to find it again) came across this family party that appears to comprise a very aggressive adult male Dark-bellied Brent Goose, female Pale-bellied Brent and 3 hybrid juveniles -- I watched them for about an hour and there seemed no doubt that they were a family unit -- what was more surprising though was the fact that there was at least one other goose with the party that appeared to be a hybrid with intermediate characters but was not a juvenile and so could have been a 2cy bird -- it was close to the family all the time and appeared to consort with them even joining the male in chasing other geese -- any comments would be appreciated at my email address

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Red-necked Phalarope comparisons

7D v 1DIII -- guess which is which -- all have been Neat Imaged -- will post some real tests when I get chance; similar conditions today both cameras with 500 f4 and no converter -- low ISO noise on 7D at 500 ISO looks bad strangely but IQ of 1D seems to be winning the day