Saturday, May 21, 2005

spent some time trying to get some flight shots of this manic Little Ringed Plover on Waters' Edge---when not displaying to his mate or making noisy display flights he attacked anything nearby--at one stage he ran across 6m of open ground and jumped on a Woodpigeon! Posted by Hello

display calling continuously Posted by Hello

LRP Posted by Hello

male Little Ringed Plover in display flight Posted by Hello

here a Redshank comes in for some chasing Posted by Hello

this manic male chased anything which moved near his prospective female including hirundines and swifts Posted by Hello

pair of Little Ringed Plovers--male on the left getting excited Posted by Hello

Mr manic Posted by Hello

second summer Little Gull Waters' edge this afternoon Posted by Hello

first-summer Little Gull Posted by Hello

eight Little Gulls today--seven first-summer and one second Posted by Hello

another nice pink flushed bird Posted by Hello

turning inside out Posted by Hello

unusual positions number 22 Posted by Hello

the second brood of cygnets hatched on Waters' Edge--here 2 of the 6 take a ride on mum's back Posted by Hello

this one cygnet was determined not to move under its own steam Posted by Hello

by the end of the day they had already lost one cygnet Posted by Hello

Friday, May 20, 2005

Garden Warbler Pasture Wharf Posted by Hello

large variation in tail moult amongst the first-summer Little Gulls Posted by Hello

pair of Shelduck Posted by Hello

Orange tips were fairly numerous today Posted by Hello

orange-tip Posted by Hello

10 Little Gulls today--9 first-summer and one second summer Posted by Hello

Turtle in rapid fly by Posted by Hello

just one pair of Turtle Doves nesting on the patch this year--contrast this with 14 pairs just 6 years ago and peak day counts of 100+ west in may 1977 Posted by Hello