Wednesday, March 29, 2017

bad day at Bempton

yesterday was cold and misty / foggy with a raw wind off the land; not a great day for a family trip to the Puffin free cliffs; took a few images just to keep the camera working -- its had a very quite spell -- 5D£ with 400 DO2 and 1.4x -- all images defogged!

drake Mallard

Comma blending in

March 8th patch evening

all with the Canon 5D3 and Canon 24-105 my travel landscape lens

Saturday, March 18, 2017

another Marsh Harrier

things are starting to hot up on the local harrier front -- at first glance this could easily be taken for a female but its a 2cy male

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Marsh Harriers spring

back in the late 1990's we were still waiting patiently for our first returning male Marsh Harrier in mid March and nesting never got under way until mid April; this pair never leave their territory all year now and get started early; full display today and territorial battles with two new males and a female nearby even in the very dull cloudy conditions -- changing times for harriers

Red Fox

checked me out then decided the coast was clear in spite of the enormous rattle of the 1DX shutter

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Pine Bunting frustration

reports made it sound as if the York Pine Bunting was getting seen more often so at last decided to go -- in 5 hours watching the supposedly favoured seed area we saw it once for 2-3 minutes in a distant hedge hence the terrible record dots -- good views through the Swaro scope but you are left wanting more as its appearances seem to brief -- never went down on the seed in spite of up to 40 Yellowhammers being there mid afternoon and it seemed to be either on its own or with a single Yellowhammer hence I guess it is actually spending most of its time somewhere else? only 34 miles away but a terrible journey and not really encouraged to try again