Wednesday, June 29, 2016

male Marsh Harrier

tis the season for checking again -- three flying juvs this morning from two different nests but some other nests are clearly much later

juvenile Peregrine

great to see two juvs fledge from this site this year as all I have found in recent years have been dead young under the nest; this is the female from the two juvs one male and one female; it took me 11 years to see a Peregrine in Lincolnshire from starting my birding career and now I can see them nesting from my house

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Great Knot revisited

it is only 108 miles to Tichwell for me and when am I likely to ever see another in summer plumage? So made another visit in what was forecast as variable weather -- humid, murky, frequent showers and generally poor light again -- went straight to Tichwell and picked it up in flight as it came in from Scolt at the head of a small flock of Knot -- so a lot more rubbish images but if you are there every day you stand a lot better chance of the one close appearance in the crowds you are never close -- what you need is a bucket and mussel fork - they get very close -- when I hear people saying I saw the one on Teesside I don't need it I think they maybe need a new hobby --
 it certainly seemed to have a preference for these small yellow coloured crabs