Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rock Pipits

a family visit to the Yorkshire coast allowed for a few minutes Ripit photography -- lots of migrant habitat
around Robin Hoods Bay that must produce rare migrants

Sunday, October 25, 2009

a few sunny Bluetails

performing well this morning before being flushed -- would have been nice in the full early morning sun

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Red-flanked Bluetail Bempton

amazingly since the 1993 Winspit bird I have managed to see 3 in Lincs, 2 in Yorkshire and one in Norfolk and everyone a dream bird that most of us old timers never thought we would catch up with when Ian Wallace was producing evocative sketches of a 1975 bird in the then BBRC report in what was one of the greatest autumns of all time on the east coast -- just as many mega rare birds now but no scarce migrants and no common birds
Most of these shots were taken in dire light under the canopy of a small sycamore copse -- 500f4 some with 1.4 and speeds of 20th to 50th second on most at 640 ISO

Red-flanked Bluetail 2

Red-flanked Bluetail 3

Red-flanked Bluetail 4

I will never tire of these birds -- still dreaming of finding one in a Lincs copse -- shape of tail tips suggests a first-winter and dull plumage looks like a female

Eastern Crowned Warbler

a first for Britain of course but how long before another is picked up? surely overlooked or misidentified in the past; it was always distant for a 500 with the crowds but it was nice to actually get something in what was rather average light conditions and its amazing how big a sycamore leaf can be when a phyllosc is hiding behind it

Eastern Crowned Warbler 3

Eastern Crowned Warbler 4

Eastern Crowned Warbler 5

with such a significant bird I have posted a wide selection of my poor as well as almost visible images!

Friday, October 23, 2009

E crowned

hopefully more when sorted but they are all a bit small! the upper pic is different