Thursday, January 17, 2008


the main aim of our trip was to try and photograph Wallcreeper; unfortunately there only seemed to be one bird at Les Baux and with little time available we could not risk cold searching for another one elsewhere; this bird was less than predictable being at the top of the cliff one minute and at the bottom the next then on boulders 400m away 5 minutes later; a frustrating two days but I suppose a reason to try again another time; at one point it flew past us at 4m range and then flew around inside a small cave giving amazing views before teasingly flying off round the cliff edge; the two almost flight shots show just how often a passerine opens its wings in flight and how often it has them shut;

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Harry said...

Hi Graham,
Amazing pics: saw what was almost certainly the same bird a week or so later, and it still seemed to be favouring the area in which yourself and KDuR had it.
Odd alright the way that it worked its way in and out of the honeycombed rock at times, going missing inside.