Saturday, April 02, 2011

Sand Martins

fantastic numbers around the local patch this week culminating in 300+ today -- an excellent spring and hopefully a sign that the Sahel winter was OK -- in 1984 the spring peak count on the pits was 14 birds --

they are a difficult subject but one that I always feel obliged to have a go at -- anyone with new camera gear give it a go --- only one in 100 may be sharp but when you do get one its a real achievement unlike sticking to birds on bait filled perches

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Brian Carpenter said...

Fantastic pictures. I was watching what appeared to be a thriving colony on a rural section of the River Exe outside Exeter this morning but could only have dreamed have taking photos such as this with my small point-and-shoot digital.

It was great to see so many birds, though (it could have been 60 or more in a fairly small area).