Saturday, November 12, 2011

a few additional Lesser Whitethroat images

again taken in very dull conditions on 11th -- it would seem to meet all? of the criteria proposed by Colin Bradshaw in his 2009 paper see below -- in some of the images there is an out of focus branch across the bird's wing -- the feathers on the forecrown were wet due to foraging in the marram grass

• Field-only claims if ever acceptable would require :
• Watched for a protracted period of time with close views
• Brown on nape
• Lack of contrast between crown and mantle
• White throat contrasting with peachy or buffy flanks and breast
• Lack of clear dark mask
• Lores paler than usual
• Sandy or pale to mid-brown upperparts
• Short-winged/long-tailed jizz
• Tit-like call
• Preferably tail noted as lots of white in outer tail and centre not contrasting with mantle

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