Saturday, November 05, 2011

Isabelline Wheatear desperation

so why did I arrive at Spurn at 15:00hrs in light levels that were below those at tonights bonfire? well I have to blame Sweden and that is unusual; not often is my birding thwarted by family commitments indeed I famously abandoned my daughters 5th birthday party to twitch a Pied Wheatear at Gib Point (I am sure she will never remember) but having put off a swedish wooden trip all autumn pressure was on for this weekend and lets face it by Friday it looked a safe bet -- trust the MET office to get it wrong again and Spurn to get its only bird of the autumn -- then there is East Riding highways department which seems to have an excess of 30mph road signs and puts them on the majority of the road between Hull and Spurn - you can drive through Hull at 40 and then come to a virtual standstill  in the open countryside!

So by 15:00 it was windy, cool and light was allowing 1/400th sec at 2000 ISO and it was flighty to boot so these are rubbish! -- not a patch on my shots of the 1990 Kilnsea bird that came to within 20 feet of my then full frame manual SLR and 400 5.6 lens with trusty Kodachrome 64 -- just dug them out as they were prints

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