Monday, September 22, 2014


did not hear it call and did not get to grips with primary spacing but the yellow legs and feet and pale? claws plus the plumage tones may be Marsh ? can it be identified from the ring number?
OK most people consider this bird to be a Reed Warbler -- but how often do yellow legs and feet / soles occur in Reed Warbler -- new photo showing the soles of the foot attached


Mark Grantham said...

Emargination on P3 looks to be quite long, so looks more likely to fall in line with the secondaries, which would be a Reed feature:

Graham Catley said...

thanks to all who sent comments replies; consensus is that this is a Reed Warbler which is good as everyone agrees but the question for me is how often do Reed Warblers have such yellow legs and feet including soles? I have never seen on anything like this before;