Saturday, November 07, 2015

more Pallid action

had to have another look at the Lincs Pallid Harrier today but conditions were testing; very strong winds and dull, dull, dull (3200 ISO for 640th sec) to mid afternoon when a burst of bright sun produced too much contrast! and I had somehow managed to switch off the image stabiliser for the first 100 shots! --   the bird was doing its usual circuit down to Wainfleet - Friskney and back every 90 minutes or so but being in the right spot when it passed by at 60mph was just pot luck so nothing to write home about but a cracker of course; male Hen Harrier, 2cy male Marsh Harrier, 2 Merlins,  19 Whoopers and 70 Fieldfares apparently struggling in off plus loads of Pinks -- a decent day given the weather

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