Monday, January 24, 2011

Short-tailed Vole swallowing

a swallowing sequence -- after it gobbled this one down it turned round listening and then flew all of 4m before dropping down to catch another vole that it took off to its larder -- I keep saying I will not go again but who knows when there will be another opportunity like this one? all taken after the sun set for the day but I think that sunshine is not always the best light for owls even diurnal ones --
for people who have asked all pics taken with Canon 1D4 and Canon 500 f4 on manual metering and hand held on a Gitzo monopod between 500ISO and 800ISO


Anthony Miners said...

Absolutely stunning selection of Owl shots glad I found your site.Just added to your follow list.If you get a chance sometime my sight can be viewed at anthonyswildlifephotos.blogspot.combut not a patch on some of your images.

Shaun harvey said...

If I was getting views like that, I would keep going back too. Really nice images.

Mandy and Roxanne said...

Stunning Graham, fantastic shots!
Mick West