Thursday, January 19, 2012


I get the impression that odd Bitterns will put up with a hide full of photographers and machine gun shutters blasting at them but a lot more will not; I think this is one that will not -- it was late afternoon when it appeared in the open in deep shade but it then put on an interesting dancing display before flying to roost in the adjacent reedbed; the difference in exposure between the deep shade and the last rays of the sun was 4-5 stops -- as usual I was in manual exposure mode so just spun the wheel as it hit the sun to change exposure and guessed ---


JRandSue said...

Stunning shots.

Mike Coleman said...

Hi Graham,,
It seems that they become habituated to human presence if constantly exposed to us.
Some of our Dorset winter Bitterns will fish for hours & allow photographers without hides to stand just a few metres away in full view.
The otters are now adopting the same daylight feeding strategy & take no notice of people.
3 years ago the same otter female would only emerge with cubs from dusk to dawn !
2 females now produce cubs in separate holts & fish together on the same stretch of water all day - I never thought I would live to see up to 8 otters together on a lowland English river in daylight !

Mike Coleman

Graham Catley said...

Thanks for that Mike; interesting stuff -- hopefully our Otters will become diurnal in the future