Saturday, October 20, 2012


I do not actually like these images -- what do people think? always a nice bird but surely over done on the photography front?


phylliso said...

No,not overdone,I love being able to see the detail of the bird.You even got the white part of his eye.
I can ID him better by seeing what he`s eating & I can tell how big he is.Great pictures! I need to invest in a new camera as well.phyllis

cindyzlogic said...

These are all so neat!! I think Kingfishers are gorgeous and I like their huge beaks and vibrant plumage!

Jane Birdman said...

Great pictures Graham. I have been studying the Kingfishers on my local patch for the past 7 years now. Last year I bought a DSLR camera in an attempt to get some good pictures of the Kingfisher. The challenge has been that I can never get close enough to them to get a really decent picture. Even with my Nikon 400mm telephoto lens I can never get close ups like yours. The Kingfishers would need to be as close as say 40 feet away before I could get a good close up. The closest I've came to them is about 80 feet from where they usually perch. I'm determined to get a similar shot like yours one day!