Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Parrot Crossbill

I saw a lot of Parrot Crossbills in 1982-84 and 1991-92 and another 2 in 1995 then some in Sweden in 2002 but not had any since and not been to look at any of these in the UK this winter; this bird photod at Chambers Wood, Bardney Forest on Sunday looked interesting so I spent the day there today; it was quite active early morning to about 11:00 when I last saw it -- It was amazing how different the bill looked from different angles and it was always up in the tree tops at up to 30m so getting the bill in a good angles profile was difficult -- I have posted some rubbish images and some better ones but they are all either distant or looking up at the bird; I think I was maybe too cautious in the first instance and consider it is a 2cy male Parrot but any comments welcome -- the recordings above were all made between 09:20 and 10:40 this morning you may need to up your volume a bit to hear all the detail in the song

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