Friday, January 13, 2017

Coues' Arctic Redpoll?

after a pointless amble around the pits and Humber hoping for a white-winged gull, 5 large gulls only passing by, I was wandering through Waters' Edge thinking of the unusual fact that I have found 3 different Arctic Redpolls on this one site; looking at 6 nice Bullies I saw a pale rumped redpoll fly up from the path and was confronted by this bird albeit through a maze of blackthorn twigs in dull light; underparts looked very white with a nice chamy tone to the cheeks and throat sides then they flew off; located the flock again with 4+ Mealies and this bird -- viewing was actually worse with more twigs and less light but it does have a white rump though its hard to see in these torrid images; the two lines of flank streaks are OK? upperparts do have a slight greyish cast but are the undertail coverts OK? the streaks are quite fine? probably needs better views in better light to be 100% -- photography was pretty impossible today

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