Tuesday, January 31, 2017

winter geese

its been good locally for Tundra Beans and White-fronts this winter with a peak of 107 White-fronts in one flock and flocks of 10, 7, 8 Tundra Beans maybe with some overlap -- photography has never been easy so a few records here
 above the 8 Tundra Beans at Alkborough on Sunday
 White-fronts and a lone Greylag part of the flock of 107 that are mixed in with 2500 - 4000 Pinks at Goxhill --the lone Greylag could presumably be a real wild bird

 Mass of Pinks

 above 2 part of the flock of 10 Tundra Beans above Barton in late December; stained with a coating of Humber mud the legs can look less than strikingly orange

 Pink-feet coming onto sugar beet

 a lone Tundra bean in the usual appalling light

 4 Pink-feet

 above 2 shots two Tundra Beans left with two Pink-feet

 White-fronts and Pinks

 Tundra Beans and Pinks

 the 8 Tundra beans against the light

 White-fronts and the lone Greylag

6 of the 7 White-fronts at Alkborough at the weekend

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