Monday, January 14, 2019

Short-eared Owls

always baffles me why most photographers leave when the sun goes in --

pair of Stonechats

a side show at the owlery this afternoon

some local January wildfowl

Teal, Mallard, Wigeon, a flock of 13 Barnacle Geese flew west who knows their origin and the female hybrid possibly Gadwall x Mallard from Waters Edge

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Dusky Warbler mark 2

had another session with the Lincs coast Dusky Warbler yesterday -- it was dull and cloudy and for the first 2 hours the bird was amazingly elusive and hardly calling at all -- then it got flushed into the garden of the house opposite and when I was left on my own with a bit of fieldcraft it was very obliging albeit in a lightless situation -- feeding on the ground most of the time but every time it caught one of these juicy green caterpillars it would fly up into the tree to bash it on a branch before eating it -- Canon 5D4 with Canon 400 DO2 and Canon 1.4x converter mark 3 hand held as always 

Short-eared Owl

put this on Twitter and it got 200 likes quickly but why? its a standard SEO on a post OK sharp and relatively nice but not a great photo

male Blackcap still in the garden

still using the garden and taking to the feeders which he defends against House Sparrows and Starlings -  was constantly warbling in sub-song on Thursday 

first-winter male Blackbird in beech litter

why is it a first-winter? retained brown flight feathers

very high ISO Hen Harrier

on a very dull night well after sunset a beautiful male Hen Harrier appeared so just for a laugh I cranked the ISO on the Canon 5D4 up to 20,000 ISO -- yes they are silly noisy and at 1/200th second witht eh 400 DO and 1.4x not likely to be very sharp but I was still amazed by the amount of detail visible in such lightless conditions --