Monday, June 19, 2017

juvenile Bearded Tits, Parrotbills, Reedlings

a great season for them so far with 50+ seen in one area of reeds today including a flock of 23 -- should be another bumper autumn if the next broods get off

odes and butts

plenty of Hairy Dragons at Alkborough today, at least 200 teneral Ruddy Darters and a few teneral Common Darters, many more at Barton, a few Emperors and lots of Four-spots and Black-tailed Skimmers -- no sign of the Lesser Emperor today but it was very elusive yesterday and no images -- hundreds of Meadow Browns on the wing and a few Large Skippers, a beautiful fresh Comma and a tatty Painted Lady and Red Admiral

adult summer Meds

walking on my old patch at Goxhill last week and two full summer adult Med Gulls flew past - having been doing something else I over-exposed them by about 4 stops! lost of Photoshop recovery

Wednesday, June 07, 2017


now if I had had this sort of gear in June 1977 when I had that Pallid Swift ! a Swift is all dark or maybe not