Sunday, March 10, 2019

Thursday, March 07, 2019

Black-winged Kites

a long time since seeing this species for the first time in 1987 having been given directions to a secret location in Portugal -- how times change -- certainly my best ever views of Black-winged Kites but as photographers know there is always better light and a better angle to be had but another time !  more reasons to return to Spain - so close but often ignored

Common Cranes

On the morning of February 24th after watching large numbers of Common Cranes in the distance at La Janda small flocks started to get up calling and head off north-east -- then bigger flocks followed suite and in the next hour 2150 headed off north-east soaring and thermalling calling constantly -- an amazing spectacle that still images simply do not convey -- on ensuing days we only saw a few hundred birds so it looked like this was the big departure for their next stop over