Saturday, February 02, 2008

Barn Owl bonanza

bird photography is strange; you can plan things and hope for good weather and hope the birds perform and get nothing then you can just have a whole lot of luck; in two days I have taken more good photos than in the previous 6 months thanks to the weather and bird behaviour; today was just luck or divine intervention; I only went to this spot to look for the wandering Glossy Ibis but on arrival a Barn Owl was flying down the road; I was able to follow it for over a mile taking pics from the car as I drove! it was a quiet lane and I only drove off the road three times; it has taken me a long time to get any decent Barn Owl photos so I was really pleased with the light on these birds but there were also a lot of bad poses and not quite sharp shots thought the 40D AF worked pretty well
You really do need to click on these to see the real image! they are mostly seriously reduced in size from the big originals

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kookaburra said...

Bravo--your photos are wonderful. I've told several people about your site since discovering it last week, so you have some new fans. Thanks.