Thursday, October 04, 2018

juvenile Cooper's Hawk

we had gone to My-Chosen Cafe on Happy Valley Road out of Victoria where we had been in 2007 -- in the car park is a sort of kids farm with chickens and donkeys etc and the food attracted a flock of blackbirds and House Sparrows -- as we we heading back to the car in the car park all the sparrows dived into a small bush and a whoosh past us revealed a juvenile Cooper's Hawn in hot pursuit; it landed on the outside of the bush then tunnelled through the middle of it trying to catch a sparrow be up empty -- it was totally unconcerned by people and sat within 25 feet of us allowing me to get the camera out and fire away albeit to a fairly bright sun -- I had a similarly very tame juv Coopers at another site near Victoria in August 2007 --

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