Monday, January 09, 2012

Greenland White-fronted Geese and a European

the flock of 6 Greenland White-fronted Geese still present today with their attendant first-winter European White-front which they chase off if it tries to feed too close to them; following a first-winter that was found with the Pink-feet on the Humber in Jan - Feb 2011 this record Lincolnshire flock was most unexpected; they never associate with the 120+ European White-fronts that are in the same area and fly past them several times daily -- note in pics 4 and 5 (from the top) the European White-front is on the left of all the Greenland and in 7 to the right of the two birds

past Lincolnshire records are few:

The first record noted in Smith and Cordeaux 1952 was of a bird identified on Croft Marsh in December 1950; it was not noted if it was an adult or first-winter.
Gibraltar Point January 2nd 1964
Donna Nook January 23rd 1969
Holbeach on February 16th 1972
A party of 4 at Gibraltar Point on February 5th 1996,
Gibraltar Point March 13th 1997
Adult with Pink-feet Winteringham October 8th – 26th 2000
First-winter January 24th 2001 Winteringham and Roxby 28th 2001
Barton Wolds first-winter November 1st 2003 
First-winter between West Halton and Read’s Island January 13th – February 26th 2011

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