Friday, October 17, 2014

local patch Yellow-browed Warbler

two Yellow-browed Warblers were calling on my patch at Waters' Edge yesterday morning a brilliant record but the third autumn I have had this species on this inland patch; the first from October 10th - 15th 2005 was joined by a second bird from 14th - 15th with another on October 3rd 2007; just a few miles down the estuary I also had a Yellow-browed at Dawson City, Goxhill Marsh, my old stamping ground on October 3rd 2012 - the question is though how many have occurred without calling? must be a good number that go undetected
- I have also had 6 Richard's Pipits up the Humber at East Halton Skitter 25-26 Oct 1975, 27-28 Oct 1980, 5 Oct 2010, at Barton 28 Nov 2001 and 23 Oct 2013 plus Alkborough 12 Oct 2008 so eastern vagrants do get inland and clearly something rarer is a distinct possibility -- just needs finding

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