Sunday, October 23, 2011

White Stork where is it from?

after a report on the autumn watch web site checked out this White Stork at Thornton Curtis yesterday -- it was very easy to overlook the small avicultural ring on the right leg but the mangled right primaries and the rather close approach all combined to send it quickly into the escapee category but does anyone know where it has come from; sounds like the same bird was at Bubwith last week and moved back to Market Weighton yesterday afternoon?



Quick research I did on this species pointed towards it being an escapee Graham, Glad you also suspect that possibly being the case. I thought I spotted the ring on some posted flight shots of the bird ON BG. Also a comment there by someone who says he photograhed it in lothian.

James said...

Lotherton have lost one apparently. I don't know if Harewood still have any. You might need to check birdguides to see if timings compare to Market Weighton bird or if this is another.