Friday, November 05, 2021

Flamborough calls again

 set off late, 08:00 for the Flamborough Taiga Flycatcher and after the usual string of tractors, roadworks et al arrived as it went missing for two hours - when it was relocated it was very tricky in the tops of tall ash and sycamores in the ravine; poor shots obtained then stood chatting after I had been back to the car for some sustenance and had walked past a certain clump of trees, and people started moving rapidly past us to look for the Red-flanked Bluetail that it turned out someone walking up the same path a few minutes after me had bumped into - will I ever find one of those! Anyways it was always in very shady spots and at the back of the trees so only chance was near the picnic bench where I sat having my picnic when it duly appeared followed unfortunately by a crowd of noisy people - one shot and it refused to turn its head but at least the Flycatcher came a little lower late in the afternoon but the shady conditions necessitated the use of 6400 ISO and even then I was getting 1/60th second hand held -the first Bluetail blur shows what you get at 1/60th when a Bluetail flys after posing well but you fail to get it in focus-- - the Taiga Fly so very close to where I saw the spring male on April 27th 2003 - shot below was digiscoped from across the other side of the ravine but being a significant image it went on to be used in several publications in spite of having been taken on a 3MP Nikon E880 camera

male Taiga Flycatcher Flamborough South Landing April 27th 2003 digi-scoped with Nikon E880 camera and Swarovski scope hand held

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