Thursday, June 23, 2016

Great Knot revisited

it is only 108 miles to Tichwell for me and when am I likely to ever see another in summer plumage? So made another visit in what was forecast as variable weather -- humid, murky, frequent showers and generally poor light again -- went straight to Tichwell and picked it up in flight as it came in from Scolt at the head of a small flock of Knot -- so a lot more rubbish images but if you are there every day you stand a lot better chance of the one close appearance in the crowds you are never close -- what you need is a bucket and mussel fork - they get very close -- when I hear people saying I saw the one on Teesside I don't need it I think they maybe need a new hobby --
 it certainly seemed to have a preference for these small yellow coloured crabs

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Martin Rey said...

Great bird and amazing pictures!!