Friday, April 18, 2008

a political point

having posted all these bird images I feel obliged to make a small political comment; like huge areas of western Cyprus the headland on which goats have grazed for centuries and birds have found haven and food on migration and where I have seen so many birds over the last seven years, is about to disappear under the manic advance to villa and pool-dom which is being pushed by greedy developers but ultimately funded by Brits; having destroyed most of the UK we are now about to destroy the natural environment of this important migrant stop-over site; so is it worse for birds to meet Cypriot hunters or to make landfall in urbanised habitats with no shelter and no food and be disturbed by the inevitable dog walkers for the rampant move of expats to the pools and villas has brought the British dog walking curse to all of the good birdy spots; but who am I to comment as a tourist and an element of the destruction and who can be critical of the goatherd who had sold his land to a developer for more cash than he would make in 500 years of milking goats? progress is a strange word

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