Sunday, March 01, 2009

Cormorant and pike

unfortunately this action was about 120m away from the hide but it was an amazing spectacle; this Cormorant had caught this pike that was literally as long as the Cormorant but it seemed to have killed the fish and spent 15 minutes trying in vain to swallow what was clearly much too large a fish for it! this was the one shot when it pulled the front 30% of the fish out of the water that gave any suggestion of the true size of the beast it had caught -- trust a Coot to get in the way at the vital moment


Fiona Barclay said...

Coo Graham - that's amazing! I hope you're going to upload it to the site...

Nick Green said...

Graham, haven;t looked at your site for a few a days and there's lots of great stuff to catch up on.

Cormorant catching a Pike is very interesting! I once read about an Osprey being found drowned and attached to the back of monster Pike in Scotland. The theory is that the birds cannot retract their talons - what do you think true or false?

Anyway see if you can beat C&W to the first Wheatear,

Best regards,