Friday, May 01, 2009

Alpine Swift ticks all the boxes

not an early or particularly auspicious start this morning with a lot of cloud around the patch so I set off for a long walk armed with just the 300 2.8 and 2x converter, reducing walking weight; leaving Waters' Edge a strangely long winged and languid swift was hawking over the tilery but was always into the sun; although I was pretty certain it was an Alpine it took ten minutes to get a decent view of the underparts; then it came in as a new bird for the local patch (total 251) Scunny area (280) a new species for Lincs (345) and a new bird for my self found Britain and Ireland list currently 324 species; it showed well until 12:30 when it started to drift off high and although it reappeared briefly at 13:15 it then went really high and drifted off towards the Humber Bridge as the air warmed up and the insects climbed -- so a great day and after 41 years of searching through 1000's of swifts the Alpine eventually presented itself to me without any effort -- sods law


Clare Gillatt said...

Bet you wish your photos were as good as my one!

Dave said...

Tremendous photos on your blog!
Are you hand holding the 300mm or using a support?

Dale Forbes said...

nice Alpine Swift photos, Graham. Almost competing with those from last year.

Have you heard of any Pallid Swifts in your area? There have been a few recent sightings in Britain and I am on the lookout for them here. I have just written about them on my blog if you are interested.