Monday, May 18, 2009

Swift shoot

It was nice to win the Birdguides Photo of the week award with the displaying Tree Pipit but getting good images of Swifts is probably harder; we have plenty around, up to 600 at the moment on the pits, but to stand a chance of illuminating these dark birds you need sunlight and the birds being low; they are usually lowest when its dull and wet so a blustery day with scattered cloud like today is an ideal time to try and capture them; with lots of birds about shooting is limited only by the strain and ache in the biceps! getting a decent pose is another story


Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Great shots Graham. I have tried to get Swifts a few times and can appreciate how difficult this is.

Nick Green said...


Fantastic Swift pictures - I know how hard they are to capture as I tried to take a few myself at Dungeness on the same day. I wish I could find time to try again.
(See my blog

I hear you and Wayne have been busy just a STONE curlew -whoops - sorry a stone throw away?

Best regards,