Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hen Harrier stick with the subject

One of David Tiplings books included a bit of advice along the lines of if you have a co-operative local subject make the most of it you may not get that species again - hence yet more Hen Harrier shots but in the sun this morning; I have never known a Hen Harrier show such tolerance of human beings and I would guess that it has not seen many humans in its life and may well be an autumn arrival from Scandinavia or further north-east that has arrived with the Rough-legs
In spite of these images (the best of 250) I am still not too happy with the 1.4x converter and the 500f4 on the Canon 1D4 -- I have maybe got the micro-adjustment wrong but performance and sharpness certainly seems down on the 500 alone -- more work needed!


Unknown said...

Regardless, wonderful images!

swopticsphoto said...

Much better images than the previous post - the light makes the big difference. There is no noise either. Re the tc, the results are always better without one anyway. I wish I could get views like this down here in Cornwall !

swopticsphoto said...

The ninth image from the top is my favourite. steve