Monday, August 22, 2011

Common Buzzard juvenile

a lucky early morning break taken from the vehicle; seeing it was going to take off I got 3 images shown here in order but which is best?

Christian asked how I get close to raptors so often; well I don't photograph captive / falconer's birds they are all wild and all taken in the wild; I spend a lot of hours watching my local raptors and studying their habits and behaviour, where they perch and hunt and the areas they favour and then I try to get into a position where I am invisible! I also use a vehicle which acts as a mobile hide and also use permanent hides  that are in good locations for raptors (not many) but at the final call it is often just as much down to luck and the birds accepting your presence rather than flying away on first sight -- there are a lot of days when I never get close to anything!

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Millhouse Photography said...

All the images are superb Graham and my personal favourite is the final one; a beautiful flight pose, so sharp in capture.

Thanks for the explanation in response to my question. I didn't think for a second that you would be photographing captive birds.

I was simply marveling at your ability to get up close to so many different species of raptor, and take such wonderful images of them. So, in short, it's hard work, patience and homework!

Cheers Graham