Thursday, December 13, 2012

Marsh Harriers with the 2x

all of these images were taken with the Canon 1D4 and 500 f4 II with the 2x III converter in often slightly murky conditions today at 440 - 600m range--
as part of my local Marsh Harrier study I try to get photos of individual birds on territories in winter and follow them through to spring to see if the same birds breed in the areas where they winter or if new birds come in -- this site has two wintering pairs both adult males and there were up to 10 birds there altogether today -- it was at best -2C but one pair was watched mating a pretty unusual event for mid December! The large old female here is a superb bird with well developed plumage but even she doesn't like Fallow Deer and they often spook her off her chosen perches --

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