Sunday, August 29, 2010

Knot and light

I have been struggling of late getting images really sharp -- was it the converter, the lens, the camera or just me? I messed around with the micro adjustment on the Mark 4 but nothing improved consistently -- I have though had another theory for a long time that atmospheric contaminants are the main cause of soft images in the UK -- the air is just full of pollutants in areas like ours where industrial fallout is still on a ridiculous level and in hot and humid weather it must get worse? surely this is why on trips to northern Scandinavia and Canada I always seem to get a lot more sharp images? well today was windy, very windy and pretty dull this morning and I think the images talk for themselves - the wind had seemingly moved the rubbish out of the air and the northerly airstream affecting the UK at the moment is probably also helping to shift our rubbish further south -- of course it still doesn't help getting 3 birds in focus in flight

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