Friday, December 07, 2012

Bombycilla overload

another few hours with these delightful birds - standing 15 feet from them happily feeding in a bracing northerly wind was a real treat with no other photographers present -- maybe they have all had too much! -- must look up if anyone has done any ageing on this winter's flocks as the vast majority of the birds I have picked up today were certainly first-winters -- there was a paper on ageing and sexing Waxwings in an old Dutch Birding must dig it out -- seem to recall apart from the obvious ageing wing pattern that depth of black chin, width of tail band, colour of undertail coverts? and length of crest were all involved -- there may not be another invasion like this one in my lifetime so making the most of it - also 1000's of Feidlfares and Redwings still arriving today with 2000 Fieldfares near the Waxwings and  lots of large flocks within 2 miles of the flock

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Isidro Ortiz said...

Magnifica serie.Saludos