Saturday, November 13, 2010

almost on the patch Rough-leg

as early morning surveys go it had been quite good; I was not suffering from hypothermia, 3500 Pink-feet, Peregrine, 8 or 9 Marsh Harriers, Merlin and a very varied visible passage of thrushes, finches, woodpigeons, etc then as I was driving back on a very busy road there was a buzzard hovering over the roadside at a spot where I had never seen a buzzard before -- a quick stop soon revealed that it was a juvenile Rough-leg  -- it then hovered over a very small field but was nearly always into the light or was side lit -- spent the rest of the day watching it; great views but for photos it was usually just too far away and a bit nervous as well -- so some odd lit shots and some scene setters -- Rough-legged Buzzard is still missing from my local patch list but I could have seen this one from Chowder Ness with a bit of stretch of the imagination --in the evening 5 Marsh Harriers and a ringtail Hen Harrier passed by another 3500 Pinks commuted and a Peregrine mobbed one of two Short-eared Owls which had also been mobbing the Rough-leg -- 8 raptor species and 3 owls in the day and only 23 miles accumulated all day

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Dominic Gendron said...

Great serie, the last one is very impressive. Great blog ;)