Friday, November 19, 2010

don't go home when its dull

today was dull and dank for the most part locally after a very brief bright spell mid morning; by 14:00 it was very dull but I was watching Short-eared Owls which is always a bonus; so why not up the ISO and take a few shots -- try some different techniques and see what they look like -- nothing lost -- Ok these are not a great photos of a SEO but they were taken at ISO 2500 and then only managed 320th and 400th second at f4 on the 500f4 with 1D4 hand held -- different to the usual sunny well lit photos that most people only turn up for and it shows the bird how it was and how we so often see them, that is photographers who go out on days when the sun isn't shining-- see above posts for a lot more of owls in the darkness --

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