Sunday, November 28, 2010

big is not always best?

like most bird photographers I guess I am always looking for  a big image but big is not always beautiful or best -- one of my favourite pictures was the Golden Eagle in the snow covered tree in the first edition of the Benny Gensbol raptor book -- the bird is very small but its colour contrasts with the monochrome surroundings and just sets this huge bird in its biotope -- so here are some of my favourite images from this afternoon -- I think Miles Hopper would have liked these --


Dominic Gendron said...

When i tink i saw every good image of this come up with even better shot! I love all of those and i agree with you, sometime big is not the best!

Matt Latham said...

Graham, I could not agree more. I am increasingly going towards a preference for the environment shots. For me there is too much emphasis on getting as close or to fill the frame as much as possible. The bottom shot in this post is breathtaking and far better than any SEO shots from this site this year (thats my humble opinion anyway).

Maurice Gordon said...

Yes I think AX7G0628.jpg is the best photo I have seen of the SEO's this year. It has got it all going on!

Charles MacPherson said...

Just discovered your blog - I'm a nature & wildlife photographer (more birds than anything else) and it's nice to meet a kindred spirit!

You're right, of course, that the wider image gives real context to the owl.

While the tight "head & shoulders" shots are compelling, there's nothing like showing the habitat and hunting behavior - these are GREAT shots - congrats!

Charles MacPherson

Katie said...

Christmas cards ahoy!

So much nicer than shots of owls' nasal hairs :o)

Jma said...

I agree your analyze. Big is not always the best because in a bog plan, you cannot show the biotope of the bird or another animal and you cannot transcribe an atmosphere on the picture. Here we can see perfectly the snow environment.