Saturday, June 20, 2015

purple 90 minutes

after some nice birds around Moose Meadows and further close encounters with our Columbian friends we headed down a side track into the forest; rounding a bend I glanced into an open area on the right and sat there on the edge was a beautiful Lynx! surely it would not stand the braking and wait for me to grab the camera-- it did but then in panic realised I was on totally the wrong exposure -- rapid change and before it slunk off back into the trees managed a few images -- amazed by the experience we set off again when a Gray Jay flew across the track followed by a woodpecker that landed on a small tree right on the side of the track -- an American Three-toed a new bird for me-- tried shooting through the screen, no good, hung out of the window, pretty poor but then the sun broke through and it actually started sunbathing and falling asleep so slowly got out of the vehicle and got some shots then amazingly was able to walk much closer and take of the converter ending up just using the 300 lens -- this was staggering -- when it eventually flew into the trees we headed further down the track to celebrate with an apple, a banana and a bag of crisps (not god lunch planning) as we sat on a big rock in the sun -- after about 10 minutes I glanced left and a large Coyote or Wolf came out of the trees and started to trot across the edge of the parking area -- blind panic set in and I ran to the car for my camera only to discover it was on the ground behind the rock!!! it disappeared behind some trees but I could see where it would reappear though by then it was crossing a path several hundred metres away and all I got was a shot of its bum! now that day a beer was well deserved

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Phyllis Oller said...

What a beautiful lynx!!!!!!! you got some really amazing shots! I love the wilderness you are in, Phyllis