Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rough-legged Buzzard spoilt by panic?

after 4 hours the Rough-leg landed in a good spot closish to the road -- but its December, a million people are going shopping in 1000's of cars and the roadsides are still a foot deep in ice and snow -- add to that the heat haze and shimmer coming off the snow and the blind panic of trying to get a 500mm lens out of a car window while avoiding having it snapped off by passing trucks and cars  and I suppose I  should be grateful I got anything decent but I was left with the thought of what could have been -- but if it stops another 3 months ~I may be able to spend a few more 100 hours with it -- but what a superb bird -- it was actively chasing a Common Buzzard along the bank, a change of status as the Common Buzzard has been the dominant bird up until now unless it is a different CBuzzard

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I just love the hawks,great photos again!phylliso