Sunday, December 05, 2010

Waxwings what is wrong with my TV aerial?

I blame Birdwatching Magazine -- trying to get the November write up done this morning I had neglected the garden since 8am -- so when I ventured out of the back door at 10:45 and immediately heard the trilling of a flock of Waxwings it was panic mode -- they were 5 doors away on a neighbour's TV aerial -- by the time I got the right side for the light they dropped down once into the lone rowan in his garden then a juggerynut came round the corner and flushed all 8 and off they went never to be seen again -- needless to say all the trees in our garden are now adorned with spiked apples just waiting for the next flock!

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dAwN said...

Beautiful Photos! What beautiful Birds..I just took a video and photos of a few Cedar Waxwings here in NC
Happy Birding